Introducing Stipenda

We are a leading international provider of Outsourced Employment, Payroll, HR and Compliance solutions for Employers, Agencies and Consultants. In other words, we are a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO).

With over 15 years’ experience in international co-employment, payroll, HR and compliance, we have assisted Employers and Recruitment Professionals in achieving compliant workforce solutions in countries where they have no corporate entity to employ an individual. Our focus remains the same, providing a professional, compliant, prompt and cost effective solution.

Employment law has its complexities and challenges so consider how much more this is amplified when you need to mobilise a workforce  or employee in a foreign jurisdiction? At the forefront of what we do is to provide guidance and present a solution that is practical, cost effective and achievable within a relatively short time-frame. With minimum fuss we’ll ensure to get your people on the ground and operational.

Meet The Team

Why choose Stipenda?

Employers will use our services for a variety of reasons. More often than not it is because we can advise and present a solution to a workforce management problem. In a nutshell, people choose Stipenda if they have the following challenges;

  • To outsource the employment responsibility of an employee or an entire workforce in a foreign jurisdiction where they do not have an established corporate entity.
  • When dealing with foreign Payroll, Tax, HR and Compliance legislation that requires an understanding of cultural, legal and immigration requirements.
  • When working in strict adherence with local and international tax authorities and other statutory bodies is of paramount importance for responsible corporate governance.
  • When there is a requirement to provide labour leasing services in Germany and working with a AüG licensed organisation like Stipenda is a critical part of your Agency solution.
  • When knowledge of a native language and customs is required to negotiate the engagement of a foreign employee.

whatever your challenge

CEO Mission Statement - Our DNA

At Stipenda, our aim is to be the first port of call if you or your employer are thinking of working internationally.

We shall remain committed specialists in this area, focusing on delivering best advice while ensuring fiscal and regulatory compliance.

In doing so, we will dedicate ourselves to responding to and meeting the diverse and changing needs of our clients, wherever in the world they may be – always striving to be approachable, collaborative, flexible, positive and professional.

Solomon Williams FCCA MBA CEO