The transition from a full time employee to an Independent Contractor poses many challenges and uncertainties beyond just finding a role. Choosing the right partner to administer your contracts and payments is an important decision. If you are working abroad then your choice of partner is even more crucial. For over 15 years we have been providing our clients with flexible, compliant, commercial and cost effective solutions.


Why work with Stipenda?

Flexibility – Our size and culture mean that we are positioned to be flexible and responsive in order to fit your changing circumstances and maximise your earning potential.

Whether you are a seasoned contractor or just embarking on a consulting career, we can assist you in understanding the nuances of being an Independent Professional.

We have no joining fee or early release penalty charges, and will only charge you for invoices actually processed through Stipenda. You won’t incur any charges while you’re not working.

International expertise – Stipenda are structured to cater for the growing international contingent workforce landscape. Consultants delivering their services across multiple country, currency and tax borders. No matter what combination of invoice, remittance and payroll currency is required, we can accommodate the transaction.

Professional Insurances – Professional Indemnity, Employer’s Liability and Public Liability Insurance.  We provide ALL relevant business insurance cover as part of our package – at no extra cost to you – including Professional Indemnity to £5m and Employer’s & Public Liability cover.


Paynet Service

Stipenda offers a solution (employee payroll service) to enable those consultants working in the UK to join our UK payroll and ensure full appropriate and proper treatment of their income, including correct deductions of tax and all mandatory social premiums.

International Paynet Services

Similarly, Stipenda provide employee payroll services in each of the countries in which we operate. Our International PayNet Service ensures that all tax in the specific country of work is included and that all mandatory deductions in that country are calculated and deducted from gross income. Our charges vary dependent upon the country in which the work is carried out and the associated costs to employ someone in that country.


If you are an independent contractor looking to maintain your self-employed status, the Tradernet solution will ensure you maintain cash flow flexibility and control of your financial circumstances.

How does it work?

Stipenda pay your gross salary to your Limited Company on receipt of your invoice, leaving you in charge of managing your tax affairs.

What are the requirements?

To operate through the Stipenda TraderNet solution you will need to be the sole director of a limited company and will be responsible for all of the accounting and business administration involved in running your company. We require specific company information to ensure compliance and legitimacy of your corporate structure.

What are the benefits?

  • A fully HMRC compliant solution
  • There are no hidden monthly, start-up or closing costs
  • Personal account managers


Whatever your Challenge