Co-employment, Reimagined

Co-employment, reimagined

Powerful co-employment tools and personalized consulting to help you conduct business internationally.

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The HR solution with a human touch

Our clients love us for our powerful HR technology. And the friendly folks that offer personalized solutions - no matter your time zone.

  • Payroll solutions delivered to 30+ countries around the world

  • Reduction on operational and business establishment costs

  • Speed to Market: 10 to 30 days required for payroll setup

  • AüG Licence accredited in Germany

  • Security and Compliance. Utilising ISO 27001 certified technology

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Run your global business

Get started with our services, whether you’re an employer or an agency:

  • Professional employer organisation (PEO) solutions to mobilise employees quickly and compliantly

  • Administrative services organization (ASO) solutions for payroll and HR administration management

  • Outsourced payroll solutions

  • Solutions to engage your contractors compliantly in Germany

  • AüG Licence

Consultants love to partner with us. Here's why.

Advisory services

Whether you are a seasoned contractor or just embarking on a consulting career, we will personally consult you in understanding the nuances of being an Independent Professional.


Our structure positions us perfectly to be responsive. Regardless of country, currency, or tax border - we adapt to your changing circumstances, and ultimately maximise your earning potential.

International expertise

Stipenda are structured to cater for the growing international contingent workforce landscape. Consultants delivering their services across multiple country, currency and tax borders. No matter what combination of invoice, remittance and payroll currency is required, we can accommodate the transaction.

Professional insurances

Professional Indemnity, Employer’s Liability and Public Liability Insurance. We provide ALL relevant business insurance cover as part of our package – at no extra cost to you – including Professional Indemnity to £5m and Employer’s & Public Liability cover.

Client Testimonials

Sasha Amfo

Future Learn

Stipenda have always been very supportive with advising me on local legal requirements and legislation for our overseas workers. Special mention to Stephanie Baskott who is a pleasure to work with.

Dr Ilona Roth

The Open University

This was my first experience of Stipenda. From my initial consultation with a staff member, through setting up the contract, to finalising payment, I found everyone to be friendly, helpful and very efficient. I am particularly grateful to Stephanie Baskott for her patient and skilful management of the process.

Lori Parent

Employee of Delta Tecnic

Being able to accept a career opportunity of a lifetime with a company in Spain to develop a global imprint in the USA was tremendous...all with the assistance and excellent communications with STIPENDA