Get to know your team at Stipenda – Solomon Williams

This week we are interviewing Stipenda CEO, Solomon Williams

What does a normal weekday at Stipenda look like for you?

I don’t have a normal weekday actually and there’s been plenty of times when I’ve had what feels like full-blown weekend deadline issues to deal with on a Monday morning. The global nature of our business easily sees to that!

What makes Stipenda different from its competitors in your opinion?

Putting our customers’ requirements first has to be our distinguishing feature. It never pales into insignificance for us though our global capability and strong compliance culture is what most people see.

What aspect of your work do you enjoy most?

I have a favourite word when it comes to what we do and that’s engagement. Whether it’s clients, suppliers or even employees, there’s never a dull moment, if you can connect with another’s perspective and thereby understanding.

If an employer needs to relocate a team of employees to a country they are unfamiliar with, which initial steps should they take into consideration?

Nearly all our clients would have already had some idea of the proposed territory so it’s usually no surprise when we start to lay out processes and procedures. We would always want to make sure the client knows their territory in terms of the market, especially if they are selling to local customers. Our business exists to do the rest, make sure the employees are comfortable and confident of the strong support structure we bring to the table.

What has been the biggest achievement in your career so far?

Well there has been quite a few and I have no league tables but I see my achievements as what has benefited other people, rather than myself. Being innovative brings an enormous level of satisfaction so therefore; it has to be the innovative side of our business that tops the list. Our market development concepts were ground-breaking and we have led in a lot of areas where others follow. New business concepts that we spearhead and innovate that then quickly become the norm would therefore top that list.

Can Stipenda assist if the team are already working overseas?

Yes, where there is already an existing employment relationship then we would undertake a transfer of employment under local employment protection regulations so that’s not an issue at all. Of course a lot of this depends on the client’s own strategy and the circumstances preceding our involvement. A typical merger or acquisition scenario for example would involve no employment rights transfer where we would then offer our administrative management services.

If there is already an employment contract in place, are clients still able to join Stipenda?

Absolutely, we provide a pure administrative service to clients, though we do not become the employer of record. We provide full employment support to clients at every stage post hiring.

What type of PEO query do you come across most often?

We are usually involved in restructuring situations particularly in management buyouts. This is closely followed by international market expansion projects.

Any noteworthy plans over the Christmas break?

Absolutely, mine is a plan to burn off the extra calories a season of goodwill brings. It’s a festive hazard!

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