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We provide expert advice in international employment, payroll, HR, and compliance solutions as the employer of record.

Introducing PEO services

Outsource your HR services to ensure compliance and reduce employer risks

What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

A PEO is a business entity that provides outsourcing of payroll, employee benefits, insurance, and HR functions to employers. The PEO hires the company’s employees, becomes the employer of record, and leases them back under contract to the employer. The PEO manages the payroll, taxes, and administration of HR and employee benefits on your behalf.

Our PEO Capabilities

Unlike your typical contractor management company, we offer our services as a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO).

We become the employer of record, and accept the responsibilities that this entails for your workforce. We will work in a consultative manner with your representative to ensure that you are fully aware of all the legalities and nuances of employing a workforce in a foreign jurisdiction. Allow us to manage all the complex matters of an international payroll correctly and compliantly with local employment regulations.

How It Works

  • Long Term Solutions

    Our service is geared for long-term co-employment solutions rather than short-term contractor arrangements.

  • Human Help

    In our initial consultation, we develop a thorough understanding of your business requirements. We leverage this analysis to assess and employ the most accurate, timely, and compliant PEO model for your business.

  • Access Anywhere, Anytime

    We are with you every step of the way. We provide you 24-hour access to HR software enabling you to authorise all employee annual and personal leave requests - wherever they work in the world.

  • Provide professional assistance with employment and compliance matters

  • Control operating budgets as all employer costs are provided at the outset to ensure full transparency

  • Provide all required professional insurance as part of the service

  • Provide fast international employee engagement solutions

  • Be efficient with minimal paperwork required compared to the red tape often encountered when setting up your corporate entity

  • Reduce legal and accounting costs

  • Compliant local employment contract

  • Cloud-based reporting solutions

  • Professional HR assistance with employment-related enquiries

  • Up-to-date information on tax regulations and compliance

  • On-time and accurate payroll


Viable solutions for your contingent workforce to work in Germany

AüG licence in Germany

If you have a resourcing opportunity in Germany - and you intend to hire out or lease personnel to a German organisation - we’ve got you covered. Stipenda has proudly held an AüG licence since 2007. Trust our team to navigate the legal and compliance issues surrounding AüG licencing.

AüG Solutions

Consultants that undertake assignments in Germany may be unpleasanty surprised to discover that the client will insist on an AüG solution. Worse still - the Federal Employment Agency regulations require that an AüG licence holder engage directly with the end user of the labour.

Not to fear. We have extensive experience in arranging commercial agreements to satisfy these particular contingent workforce requirements. We can also have a direct contractual relationship with the end-user client, so you don’t have to worry about it.

How It Works

Simple. The agency invoices the end-user client directly on a margin-only basis. Or, in some cases, STIPENDA will invoice the end-user client for the contractor wages and the recruitment agency margin. In turn, we forward the margin through to the agency.

End-user clients in Germany dictate terms to their recruitment agencies. This helps ensure compliance with these regulations. Clients that require large contractor numbers (i.e. airlines, automotive firms, manufacturers, etc.) will enforce a fully employed AüG model.

Although this sounds like an added barrier to entry in Germany, this legislation also provides a safety net to the contingent worker. The consultants will be given access to the same employment conditions as permanent and domicile workers.

Already have your own entity in the country?

With our ASO services, we can provide all the services as a PEO does, but within your own entity.

You will still have to undertake all local compliance for the entity while we manage all your personnel. If you still prefer our ASO services however, we can undertake a transfer of all the employees to us and you can either close down your entity or make it dormant.

As a registered AüG Licence Holder, STIPENDA will:

  • Manage all payroll and tax deductions

  • Provide professional insurance coverage

  • Provide full in-country support and advice across payroll, HR, and compliance with AüG regulations

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